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Large, international companies have very unique and demanding requirements when it comes to effectively managing the talent acquisition process. netMEDIA provides companies the ability to administer multiplte workflows and hiring processes based on organizational structure of the company. A different process is necessary for different types of jobs and jobs in different global geographies, so netMEDIA provides this flexibility.

Additionally , regulations such as those from the OFCCP in the US and the strict privacy laws seen throughout the EU make compliance a top concern for HR Executives. Since netMEDIA focuses exclusively on large, global organizations, our clients can be confident that our solutions will provide them the necessary tools to comply with ALL the regulations and employment laws across their numerous geographies.

netMEDIA provides a global, Web-based, eRecruitment solution that covers every aspect of the recruiting and hiring process— provides employee recruitment process management, from candidate identification and pre-screening to selection and onboarding.
  The netMEDIA eRecruitment System is deisgned to manage the ENTIRE recruiting and hiring process for large, mulit-national organizations. Our solution streamlines every recruiting process for your organization, resulting in lower overall recruting costs and a much more productive recruiting organization.

The netMEDIA eRecruitment System provides solutions to every process and task associated to recruiting and hiring talent into you organization, including:

Regulatory and Diversity tools to insure compliance with ALL global regulations,
reducing your risk exposure
Configurable workflows to allow adaptation to each geography’s unique hiring processes
Interactive career site with resume parsing, mass hiring tools and self-scheduling capabilities
Detailed applicant tracking and contact management tools
Completely automated job and offer approval
Mass Communication and Marketing capabilities
Requisition and Sourcing Management
Robust database searching abilities
Candidate Assessement Tools
Standard and Ad-Hoc Reporting solutions
Onboarding tools for rapid productivity
Customer Relationship Management
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