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The key responsibility of netMEDIA, is to develop and maintain an economically sound and prosperous business. netMEDIA assumes its responsibilities where we have effective control. These include our responsibilities toward the communities and environments in which we operate, toward our employees, business partners and society in general. Therefore we have defined some key foundations for our performance:
  • We are committed to doing business with a high degree of integrity and ethics.
  • We comply with legal requirements that apply in the countries where we do business.
  • We respect the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and recognize our responsibility to observe those rights that apply to our performance toward our employees and the communities in which we operate.
  • We are open-minded in dialogue with those who are affected by our operations. We respond to inquiries from external parties and communicate with affected parties in a timely and effective manner.
See our CSR reports:
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Governance and Ethics
Environment and Society
Our People
Employee Relations:
  A strong and consistent relationship with all employees, built on mutual respect and dignity, is of vital importance to netMEDIA. Employment conditions offered to employees will at least meet minimum requirements of national legislation and relevant ILO conventions.

We provide a safe and healthy working environment and are committed to continual improvement.
We provide equal opportunities to people without regard to race, color, gender, nationality, religion, ethnic affiliation or other distinguishing characteristics. We do not allow discrimination or harassment.
We provide means for employees and other persons involved with netMEDIA to report legitimate concerns and grievances in a manner that ensures proper review and action, without retaliation.
We recognize employees’ rights to form or join trade unions in accordance with applicable national laws and principles.
We provide training and education opportunities for employees that support their current and future work plans.
We do not employ any person below the age of 15 or applicable higher legal minimum age.
  Corruption, bribery and unfair anti-competitive actions distort markets and hamper economic, social and democratic development. netMEDIA does not tolerate such activities.

We shall not act contrary to applicable competition laws.
We shall not, directly or indirectly, offer or give any undue payment or other consideration to any person or entity for the purpose of inducing such person or entity to act contrary to prescribed duties in order to obtain, retain or direct business or to secure any other improper advantage in the conduct of netMEDIA’s business.
We shall not, directly or indirectly, solicit or accept any undue payment or other consideration that is given for the purpose of inducing us to act contrary to prescribed duties.
We record the correct nature of all financial transactions by recording them in accordance with locally Accepted Accounting Principles and in all Group reporting follow International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and applicable netMEDIA Policies and Rules.
We have controls in place in our IT procedures to ensure adequate levels of data protection for our clients.
  Based on the strong belief that our services can make a major contribution to a more sustainable world, netMEDIA is committed to proactive environmental management at all levels.

We maintain organizational structures, management systems, procedures and training plans that as a minimum ensure compliance with all relevant laws, regulations and standards.
In a spirit of continual improvement, we involve our workforce in the process of environmental management including subcontractors, partners and other interested parties.
Our ambition is to continually improve the environmental credentials of our projects, products and services by actively looking for ways to reduce negative environmental impacts during their entire life cycle.

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